Rhymes and Reasons: Legal Issues Explained in Rap

4 Rules of Law Law and Order SVU Starved Ending Are Short Number Plates Legal UK Rental Lease Agreement Newfoundland By Signing This Agreement Both Parties SIA Rules and Regulations All 48 Laws of Power Is Mississippi a Common Law State Law Against Selling Fake Products India Producer Artist Agreement PDF
4 rules of law Law and order svu starved ending Are short number plates legal uk Rental lease agreement newfoundland By signing this agreement both parties Sia rules and regulations All 48 laws of power Is mississippi a common law state Law against selling fake products india Producer artist agreement pdf

Yo, listen up, I’m here to school you
On legal issues, from old to new
We’ve got rules and regulations
Guiding our legal foundations
But what about that Law and Order ending?
Did it leave your head spinning, pretending?
Short number plates in the UK, are they legit?
Or do you risk getting hit with a fine, my sweet?
If you’re renting in Newfoundland, better sign that lease
Know your legalities, don’t end up in police!

By signing this agreement, you agree to the terms
Both parties need to understand, don’t let the page squirm
SIA got rules for days, keep you in compliance
While 48 laws of power are the ultimate guidance

Is Mississippi common law? That’s the question
Don’t get caught in a legal session
Counterfeit products in India, it’s a no-no
Laws are strict, don’t think you can just go with the flow

Producer artist agreement, get that PDF
Make sure your legalities are in place, you see?

So there you have it, legal issues galore
Don’t ignore them, or you’ll end up on the floor
Understand the law, know your rights
And you’ll avoid legal fights, day and night