The Collection


The Garden Residence is truly magnificent for countless exceptional features, however mainly due to the property being so much more than a luxury duplex apartment. This truly special format offers the feel of a large scale full size villa more than anything else having 2 full size floors, extra large covered and open terraces, a comfortable private garden, an immense 165m2 basement level having additional guest rooms, and the option of customizing an entertainment area, gymnasium, home cinema, games room, bar/wine cellar, etc. The Garden Residence is decisively one of a kind offering upwards of 400+m2 of wonderful high-end living space that may never want to leave…


The Grand Penthouse offers an utterly spectacular double heighted entrance hall and overall grandiose impression. Giving way to the the large scale living room or “Grand Room” with seemingly perpetual views in all directions, only to be exceeded by the terrace views on the main and especially sun-roof level. Magnificent flooring, designer Fendi Casa, carpentry, wooden paneling, and seductive bathrooms can be found throughout. The solarium floor additionally boasts a private plunge pool with the option of having a pool bar/bbq lounge area to complete the most Grand version of single EPIC Penthouses.

Sky villa

The Sky Villa immediately imposes the essence of true luxury, having an impressively spacious double heighted ceiling entrance hall, providing above all the sense of alluring grandeur upon arrival. The extra large grand room has exceptionally large dimensions giving you the feeling of endless space in all directions. Additionally you will find intricate large piece marble flooring, a double size designer Fendi Casa, exquisite carpentry, panoramic views from both the main and upper sun-roof floor, also having a private plunge pool, pool/terrace bar with the finest integrated pergola awnings. Simply an unquestionable masterpiece..

the palazzo

The Palazzo is a truly stunning creation that is absolutely palacial in every single way. It is essentially the joining of four large version EPIC apts into 1 single home making for a truly stunning creation that epitomises the EPIC trademark of reaching further and going way beyond the luxury standard. The front facade as well as the entrance hall is truly monumental offering the most breathtaking of perspectives. You will have the constant notion of unlimited space whereas the bedroom suites, Epic designer kitchen by Fendi, grand salon, and roof terrace all have infinitely vast dimensions and ultimate designer detailing.

The Palazzo will boast a large private garden with covered and uncovered terraces along with a customized private pool exclusive to this property alone. The roof terrace will also have monumental proportions having an extra large swimming pool, sun-roof bar with integrated chill out lounge, and the most unforgettable west facing sea views..

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